Utah Jaycee and Sierra

The population of Salt lake city is 2,855,287 people .(source: Ducksters).

How Utah got its name : the name of Utah comes from the Ute indians and people from the mountains. (source: Ducksters).

The state nick name is beehive state. (source: Ducksters).

Utah is considered a desert state but the mountains 50-60 inches of precipitation a year, while the great salt lake desert receives only 5 inches.

1985,was a year of temperature extremes! The highest temperature every recorded in Utah was 117 degrees F on July 5, 1985, at St. George. On February 1, 1985, at peters sink in Logan canyon, the temperature sank to -69 degrees F, the lowest recorded temperature in Utah.

Many factors affect what plant and animals can thrive in a place Elevation, for Instance, makes a big diffrence

Utah has a lot of varied terrain-- formed by millions of years of geologic processes, climate, wind, and water. Utah has mountains, valleys, flat pleaces, mesas, cliffs,canyon,slik rock formation low desert,and high desert--and many more kinds of terrain.

The first Europeans did not arrive in Utah, the land was inhabited by various native american tribe one of the largest tribes was the Ute.


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