What is it ? Constructing abstract and personal visions

  • Task issued; Week 2 Term 4 2018
  • Task due; Week 9 Term 4 2018
Weighting 20%

Syllabus outcomes: M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4, CH5

At the conclusion of this project you will be assessed on your ability to provide the following;

  • Evidence of the completion of set practical and theoretical tasks
  • Evidence of an evolving professional practice
  • Evidence of an ability to curate images for presentation
  • Evidence of an ability to articulate critical discussion
  • Evidence of a demonstrated ability to investigate, adapt and apply a range of production and post production techniques.
the TASK

Create, curate, and in a professional manner, present, in your Portfolio a series of images that represent your response to the theme of this term's project. These are fully outlined in the coursework descriptions @

However in short, the task is to produce the following

  • 1 x David Hockney inspired 'Joiner'
  • 3 x abstract cropped images focusing on the theme 'What is it'
  • 1 x A-Z (photographic alphabet)
  • Photo Box project (based on Canon 5)
  • Minimum of 2 slow shutter images
  • 2 x Lomo Supersampler series
  • 2 images from 'Themed Series'

The above mentioned can be undertaken in any sequence. Please ensure that copies of your digital files are backed up on either / and / or the school server ( in your home drive) an external server or external drive.

Some examples
Hockney inspired joiner | Jamie 2016
What is it?
Slow shutter / motion blur
Created By
Gary Poulton

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