Payroll Gazette March 2017

Standard Payroll Practices

As wage & hour legislation continues to evolve, we need to evolve with it. Please check out our new document (e151) on standard payroll practices. We are all accountable to be in compliance with our payroll practices, so read this today and share with your peers. Think about your existing accounts and ensure to check with Payroll if you have any questions.

Temp Payroll Center of Excellence

Branch or Customer Excessive Hours

Did you know that excessive time submissions of over 30 hours of overtime and/or 15 hours of double time within a week, or hours over 20 within a day are flagged for audit? These excessive hours require Payroll to obtain a confirmation of approval from the branch before time can be paid.

There are times a customer or branch representative will know in advance when talent has to work long hours. The approval process for excessive hours can be expedited by providing the Payroll Center an “Excessive OT Hours Blanket Approval” email.

For more inforamation or if a blanket approval is needed, please contact Mailbox Payroll Center of Excellence (

"Pay Only" or "Pay No Bill" Submissions

Did you know that all manual time sheet ‘Pay Only’ or ‘Pay No Bill’ submissions are required to be audited by Payroll? Branches can expedite the audit process by simply annotating the reason for the ‘Pay Only’ or ‘Pay No Bill’ directly on the time sheet in addition to the fax cover page. Reasons for Pay Only’ or ‘Pay No Bill’ can include but not limited to ‘Show up time’, ‘Training time’, ‘Kelly guarantee’, and ‘Interview time’. Doing so will decrease the processing time delays on the time sheet.

The e1035 or the e2669 can be used for submitting Show up time. There is no charge for using this form of submission.

Temp Payroll Compliance

Processing Adjustments in KSN - US

When processing adjustments for pay rate changes, hours decreases/reallocation's and ref/order # changes, keep in mind that the adjustment may cause an over-payment to the Talent. All employees should be notified, by the adjuster or adjusting branch, that an over payment has occurred and that the Talent should be expecting a notification from the Temp Payroll Compliance Team. All Talent in states where a deduction cannot be made, without written consent, or the state prohibits a payroll deduction for over payments, will receive either a Payroll Deduction Agreement or a Letter of Demand from the Temp Payroll Compliance Team. The branch will also receive a copy of the Deduction Agreement, if one is issued. The branch should follow up with the Talent to ensure that all deduction agreements are signed and returned to the Compliance Team in a timely manner to allow prompt recoupment.

All deduction agreements reflect the GROSS amount of the overpayment to be deducted. If the Talent would like to send in the remittance by check or money order, please contact the Compliance Team for the NET amount due.

If the branch has any questions regarding over payments for their branch, please call the Field Service Center and create a case to be escalated to the Temp Payroll Compliance Team for review.

Direct Deposits

If an employee wants to enroll or update their existing banking information for direct deposit, you can direct them to myDetails to make the update.

Changes are immediate! The new account will be active within 7 days. If you send in paper, it is a two-week turnaround.

To learn more about myDetails, visit the myDetails page on KellyWeb U.S.

For more details, visit the following KellyWeb pages:



Also see myDetails: FAQ (e25).


We HEARD YOU! Exciting changes are coming for Emergency Pay (Comp Cards). We heard the need to be more flexible so pay attention in the upcoming weeks to the Payroll Chatter Page and Need to Know’s. We will also have meetings with Leaders to ensure the message is heard.

Temp Payroll Chatter Page

Find updates and vital payroll information by following the link below to our Chatter page: Temp Payroll Chatter Page

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