Preparing for the Georgia Milestones Testing Tips

The Night Before...
Eat a healthy dinner. Complex carbs like pasta and potatoes are good fuel for your brain.
Hydrate. Make sure to drink plenty of water
Get a good night's sleep to optimize alertness on the test.
The Morning of...
Wake up your mind and body. A great way to do this is by listening to music as you get ready for your day. If you have a favorite playlist chances are the music will get your body energized and you’ll either sing along with the songs in your head or out loud, which is allowing your brain to start processing information and warming it up to start remembering information.
Wear appropriate and comfortable clothes. Look at the weather and dress for it. Keeping your body comfortable helps to minimize distractions and external effects on your abilities while taking the test.
Eat a smart breakfast. Even if you are not a breakfast person. Hunger is just another distraction that you don’t need. Work on avoiding foods with high sodium and fat contents because those can make you get that “sleepy” feeling.
Warm Up Your Brain. Read a short article or part of a book for pleasure is a good choice. This gets your brain in the mood of reading and processing information that it gained visually. Reading lightly before an exam is the same effect as stretching before working out. You’re about to exercise your brain so it needs to be warmed up to perform its best.
Relax. Know you have put in the work and you are prepared.

Credits: Albert Blog- 7 Tips to Exam Test Prep


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