Jenny's *GOALS* English 2 |Period 2

My Semester *Goal*

In this semester, I will return every single assignment on time in every class. I will get B’s or better on my assignments. I will get a low B or higher on my test and quizzes. I will work towards getting A’s in all and or most of my classes or at LEAST a B in the classes that I don't succeed at getting an A in.

  • I will achieve this by
  • Studying
  • Asking to get help
  • NOT being lazy
  • NOT pushing HW of to the side
  • Focus
  • Make an hour or two when I get home to study and do HW

"Change is the end result of all true learning."

My English *Goal*

I will absolutely NOT turn any homework or any work in LATE and unfinished. If unfinished it is turned in ONLY one day late. I am going to actually STUDY for my test and quizzes to get a high A to a low B. In this class, which I love more than any class than others, I am going to get 100% , A+, I am going to pass it with an A

  • I will achieve this by
  • TURNING things in ON TIME
  • Being organized

My High School *Goal*

During High School I am going to make new friends. I going to be able to talk to people without being shy or nervous. I am going to get more into reading. I am going to make it to be able to work on writing for fun more often. I am absolutely NOT going to have MORE DRAMA!!!! I going to be in a sport and get more active. I am going to try out for cheer. I am going to be in a club. I am absolutely going to make it to where I have a POSITIVE High School experience.

  • I can achieve this goal by:
  • Going up and talking to people
  • Tryout for sports
  • Join a club
  • Tryout for cheer
  • Take a Jog, Hike, or Run once a week an do it more in a week as time goes by
  • Be positive and stop letting the negativity get to me
  • Don't listen to the drama
  • Take a moment each day to write
  • Take a moment each day to read
  • Focus on the important part of school classes

My After High School *Goal*

After High School I am going to College. I will be in college to be a teacher or a pediatrician. I will get a job. With this job I will get an apartment. When I have my apartment I am going to get a dog. I do want to foster, adopt, and have kids of my ownin the future.

  • I will achieve this by:
  • Passing High School
  • Applying for Colleges
  • Apply for a job
  • Saving money
  • Work hard

My Personal Growth

I will be able to talk to anyone without being nervous or shy.

  • I will achieve this by
  • Talking more to others
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Jennifer Alvarez


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