BRIDGET "BIDDY" MASON from slave to businesswomen

Bridget's early years.

Bridget was a woman who grew up as a slave, her parents gave birth to her on August 15, 1818, she was born in Hancock country, Georgia. Around 1860 it was the civil war and she was given to another person who needed the slaves. After that when that person died all of his slaves were bought and sold Bridget went to Mississippi picking cotton. After that she went to go to Texas because her owner wasn't having any luck with the cotton plants in south California so he moved to Texas.

Bridget's main accomplishments.

One of Bridget's main accomplishments were to free her self, her family and other fellow slaves. Also to travel and complete her journey and to not stop at anything that came her way. She was the first African american to start a African church in Los Angeles. Her nickname is "The walking sensation."

Was Bidget successful with her goals?

Yes, she was with many she completed her journey and lived her life and all knowing person with a heart for other people. she helped many and made many happy faces.

What influence did this person have on the community, the country, or the world?

She owned a business and she donated part of the money she owned. then the rest of it went into buying what is now called Los Angeles, which was her last name . Nowadays there are sculptures and pictures of her.



African american, Bright, Active, and Brave.

Father and mother of a loving child.

Mother, Father.

Sadness, confused, and happy.

Getting lost, losing every thing she knows, and Getting caught and put into back slavery.

She bought land in Los Angeles and she was successful after she escaped slavery.

She wanted to experienced meeting her parents and she wanted to see all slaves free.

"Los Angeles, California"

Her last name is Mason.


She died on January 15, 1891, At the age of 72.


My opinion is this story is a story to share with others and share the adventures and the information with people who don't know the true meaning of what happened in Los Angeles and Bridget, Mason.


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