Big Nate Name Jaden Cloward Period 5a

Nate Is a 6th grader and he likes Prank day at his school and he gets in trouble all the time and he likes to draw cartoons of his social studies teacher Name Mrs Godfery and he hates her and Nate always goes to school and Nate does not like it not at all on the last day of school it is summer and Nate like to Say YAY It is summer and Nate plays Baseball and Baskett ball and Soccer Ball and Nate was Went to ask if want to fire Mrs Godfery and Nate and a teacher upgrade but they said no they don't have the money for it so they move on and Nate hate that he has to go to this class and he just draw cool things to his teacher Mrs Godfery Mrs. Czerwicki and Nate had to go to store and buy some things for school and he did a yard sale

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