How global warming can effect cheetahs how global warming will effect cheetahs and their habitats by harrison

Global warming is an increase in the earth's temperature and the atmosphere traps contributing to green house gasses increasing levels of carbon dioxide.

Cheetahs live in west and east Africa in savannahs they live in a extreem heat with uncoutible heatwaves with a lot of wild fire and tons of droughts every year.

map were cheeatahs live

Because of global warming alot of gazellez are dieing off and that is cheetahs main food source so alot of them are starving and global warming is effecting their reproductive ability cheetahs already don't have much water as it is and becuase the gases are drying out their water giving nothing for them to drink climaye change effects their repoductive abillity.


Created with images by Susuchan - "cheetah zoo adventure world" • Unsplash - "life beauty scene" • 3031830 - "cheetah wild africa"

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