Euologys By Jazmyn Hinderhan

Johnny was a gentle soul and people saw that. He was kind but he wouldn't take crap from people. He cared more than any of his friends or family. He may not of had a lot to live on but he made a lot of his life. Johnny impacted so many people in his life, he impacted all his friends personally. He didn't deserve to pass away but he went out caring.
This little squirrel was very creative. Jazmyn Hinderhan, a shy girl with a very kind point of view of others. She always dreamed of standing up for others and has a fear of public speaking. She loved all her friends like family, she would never give up on them. She wished she could touch the clouds and help others like they have helped her because they were the only reason she lived as long as she did.


Created with images by 2554813 - "duck wild mallard" • likeaduck - "Squirrel"

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