比利时议会通过决议呼吁支持台湾 【中英对照翻译】

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Belgian parliament passes resolution calling for support for Taiwan


The Belgium parliament / Pixabay image 比利时议会图片

Brussels, July 16 (CNA) The Belgium parliament's Chamber of Representatives on Thursday overwhelmingly passed a resolution that called on the country's government to support Taiwan's democratic development and its meaningful participation in international organizations.


The resolution, which listed several proposals urging support for Taiwan, was passed in a 130-0 vote, with 13 abstentions.

该决议列出了几项督促支持台湾的提案,以130-0 票赞成,13票弃权通过。

It was introduced by Georges Dallemagne, a Humanist Democratic Centre party lawmaker who is a member of the Belgium-Taiwan Parliamentary Friendship Group, and Els Van Hoof of the Christian Democratic and Flemish party.

它由人道民主中心的立法者,比利时-台湾一会友好团体的成员 - 乔治·达勒曼(Georges Dallemagne),以及基督教民主和新弗拉芒联盟党成员埃尔·范·霍夫(Els Van Hoof)共同提出。

The motion urged the government of Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès and its European partners to support Taiwan's meaningful participation in international bodies such as the World Health Organization, International Civil Aviation Organization, and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

该决议敦促苏菲·威尔梅斯(Sophie Wilmès)总理政府及其欧洲伙伴支持台湾有意义地参到国际机构中,如世界卫生组织,国际民用航空组织和《联合国气候变化框架公约》等。

Brussels should play a leading role in encouraging the European Commission to move toward "strengthening relations between the European Union and Taiwan, to widen the scope of cooperation, and to continue to support Taiwan's hard-won freedom and democracy," the resolution said.


Other propositions in the resolution included urging the Belgian federal government to strengthen existing communication, cooperation and exchanges between Belgium and Taiwan.


It also suggested that Brussels advocate for the resumption of dialogue between Taiwan and China and for the release of Taiwanese activist Lee Ming-che (李明哲), who has been serving a five-year-prison term in China since 2017 on charges of subversion of state power.

它还建议布鲁塞尔提倡中国大陆恢复与台湾之间的对话,并释放台湾活动家李明哲(Lee Ming-che),李明哲自2017年以来在中共国获刑5年,罪名为颠覆国家政权。

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