Brigata Khroma how to write poetry with a hammer

If it's the future you want the hypodermic issue stops all that

All your vain cries for hope, let those that suffer, suffer at 1000 miles an hour

Let them suffer through the sound barrier

Let them endure a razor sharp oblivion, their ecstasy made manifest

Let them fall into the city like a cruise missile!

Is this the ultimate? the ultimate ultimate? ens summum, ens perfectissium?

Is this the reckoning, the shadow falling from the moutain

Is this the mountain in Moriah?, am I Issac or is it no great matter?

glory, glory, glory to the scientist in the highest, blessed is not the worker

blessed is the cold steel of the engines and walls of closed down factory

I am a closed down factory, I am a dole queue, I am as powerless

As twenty first century voter!

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