All about lions Sarah

They are playful.


Do you know what is the strongest animal in the jungle?It is mammal. Mammals are warm blooded. They have live babies. They are vertebrate. Vertebrate means they have backbones. Mammals make milk for their babies. My animal is brown and they are meat eater. What animal do you think it is the strongest? It is lions.

This is the strongest animal in the wild.


Male lions are about 150~260kg,and female lions are about 122~180kg. They are about 165~180cm long. The sounds of lions can heard from 8km away. The lions are second largest cat species. They are predators. Some of lions are white,or light brown. Others could be mixed.

These lions are family.


Some of lions live in southern,and eastern in the Africa. Many people are going to lion's habitat to kill lions to make clothes, carpet , or take them to the zoo. For this solution, we have to tell people to stop doing bad things to lions. Another problem is, some of the people are killing lion's prey. Solution is to tell them STOP!

This lion is in its habitat.


They prey on some zebras. Also, they eat buffalos, and wild hogs. Sometimes they prey on hippos, and rinos. They find food in the wild, or in the Savanna. They sometimes eat giraffes.

This lion is looking for food.

Life cycle

Lions live about 10~15 years. They give birth to 2~3 babies at once. They are called cubs. A litter for 3~4 spotted cubs are in the den. They can have 4 babies,too.

This lion is baby that is called cubs.

Lion's life

First, their mother gives birth to them. Second, they are starting to eat meat. Third, they learn how to catch food by it selves. At last, they get killed by the people.

This lions are family.


There are many kinds of lions in the world. We have to remember that we have to tell people not to kill lions. We have to tell people not to buy guns. Lions need to be safe. We let lions have freedom. This would solve a problem for lions in our world.


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