conglomerate by jackson w

my rock is conglomerate

my rock is not easy to brake

Picture of a shinny rock facts conglomerate is a mineral fact conglomerate is made out of gravel facts conglomerate is gray brown and black facts conglomerates can be any sizes

Luster of rock it depends it can be shinny but some are not shinny

A picture of not a shinny part
A shinny rock

The rock type of the rock is metamorphic

They don't use the rock for any thing

My rock is found by the ocean


Created with images by James St. John - "Cobble with cemented pebbles-granules-sand from a lithic conglomerate (Quaternary; Rt. 715 roadcut, just east of the Knox County-Coshocton County line, Ohio, USA) 5" • James St. John - "Two-beam interference colors in fluorite (Cave-in-Rock, Illinois, USA)" • KimCarpenter NJ - "Panama Rocks #4620" • Kathryn Wells's Porfolio - "Conglomerate Stone Texture" • makamuki0 - "rock lighting conglomerate" • PublicDomainPictures - "agate stone semi-precious" • James St. John - "Sand-filled burrow in mudshale (Vinton Member, Logan Formation, Lower Mississippian; Mohawk Dam roadcut, northwest of Nellie, Ohio, USA) 4" • U.S. Geological Survey - "Zahnd Falls, Georgia"

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