"Customers Only" Restroom Policy Emily Mendez, Annely Hernandez, and MerItxell Melchor

We've all had the urge to use the restroom when we are out of our houses and we think that stores and restaurants will accommodate our needs since they are a retail store or restaurant but once we walk in to use the restroom we see this.....

Some retail stores and restaurants enforce this policy.
Some people think that there should be a policy like this to maintain cleanness in restrooms and not attract the wrong kind of people, while others...
Others think that there shouldn't be because it's against human rights and can not be denied.
The person that doesn't purchase anything from the retail store or restaurant, should still have the right to use the bathroom so they don't end up embarrassing themselves for the sake of the stores/restaurants policy.

Secondly, people could get severe health problems for holding their human waste such as...

Urinary Tract infection
Kidney Infection
Digestive Problems

And lastly, not all restroom needs are implied with human waste, several people use the restroom for different necessities such as..

Washing their hands
Changing their clothes
Changing their child's diaper
Menstrual hygiene needs
Using the mirrors
Using waste bins

Restrooms are very useful and complies to everyone's needs

We contacted the Coffee Bean located in Encino and they didn't have a "Customers Only" restroom policy because having a public restroom is good for their cafe's reputation and because they didn't want to be the cause of someone getting severe health problems.
Denying restroom access hurts the stores' and restaurants' image
Also the stores and restaurants that enforce this policy are violating a state code that requires public access.
Our bodies were meant to consume and get rid of unnecessary waste.
We can take action by starting a petition which gets rid of this policy.
The Big question is are you for or against having "Customers Only" restroom policies?


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