Hyenas are brown and have black dots or stripes. Hyenas are about 28 to 35 inches long. They weigh on average 90 to 190 pounds. They can live up to 25 years.

Hyenas only eat meat or raw meat. Hyenas rarely hunt on their own. They wait for sick or injured animals to die then they eat them.

Hyenas live in grasslands and deserts. A hyena can eat wildebeest, snakes, birds, lizards, bugs, and lions. Hyenas live in a medium sized dens.

Hyenas have sharp teeth. To fight, they scare others away with their sharp teeth and they bite others with their sharp teeth. Spotted hyenas are scavengers and often eat on the leftovers of others.

Hyenas don’t just laugh for fun. Scientist say that hyenas pitch laugh frequently. Lions can eat hyenas and hyenas can eat lions. Sometimes they’re scared of each other. It is more common for them to kill each other’s young. Spotted hyenas are the largest of all hyenas. Brown and striped hyenas are the others.

Hyenas are a very important part of the desert. They’re very strong


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