Cell Phones in School Desean Seymour

Should Cell Phones be allowed for use in School?

Cell Phones. An item that people use nearly every day. Cell Phones give people access to a ton of information. The question is, should students be able to use these devices in a classroom environment? Some schools simply can’t afford to give students their own personal computers to use in the school. They also give the students a way to contact home in case of an emergency. So, letting students use these devices would greatly help them access information and make sure that they can focus while in a school environment, instead of having to study/work in a home environment where there could be many distractions. Letting students use Cell Phones in the classroom is a must for all schools.

A lot of people would say that having a Cell Phone in a classroom is just asking for someone to cheat on a test. While that may be true, more often than not the teacher will prohibit Cell Phone use during the test, and may even collect them. This will make sure that students take the test or quiz fairly and will not use their Cell Phones to search for all of the answers.

Theft is also a major concern among people. And yes, there is a chance for a student’s Cell Phone to be stolen. However, if the student were scared about misplacing their phone or getting their phone stolen, that student could leave their phone at home if they feel the need to. Also, most schools have security cameras. So if a student were to have their phone stolen, all they would have to do is look at the camera footage to find out who the culprit is.

It makes sense that students should be allowed to use their cellular devices in school because they can contact home or be contacted from home in case of an emergency. Some may say that this would cause a panic, but as long as both parties remain calm, the likelihood of either the student or the person they are talking to panicking is greatly reduced. Plus, they could easily contact 911 in the case of an extreme emergency, like a fire.

That last point brings up a question that many people may have. How is the teacher supped to make sure the students aren’t using their phones in the wrong way? The answer is, they don’t. If the student decides to not listen to the teacher, but instead play games on their phone, the student is the one at loss. The student could be missing out on valuable information for the future, which could cause them to fail a test. If a student really cares about their grades he or she would listen in class instead of slack off. Some may say this will cause no class participation, but there are students out there that won’t abuse the fact that no one is looking over their shoulder telling what is wrong and what is right. If a student ends up failing a class due to not listening that is their fault.

It is evident that not all schools can afford to give every student their own personal computer. In schools like these, students have limited access to computer use. Allowing the students to use their phones would make sure they have access to the same amount of information as schools that can give every student a computer. “But what about the schools that can afford to give everyone a computer?” some of you might be asking this. They should also be able to use their phones. This is mostly because students cannot use their computers in the halls or at lunch, can they? Say a student needs to study at lunch before a class, that student wouldn’t be able to bring their computer in there because of the food and drinks around. But if he or she were to have a cell phone with them, they would be able to study for their next class.

Cell Phone use in schools is very important. Since people use them every day outside of school, why not let them use their phones inside? If a school can’t afford to give everyone a computer the students wouldn’t be at a disadvantage because they have the same amount of information in their pocket-sized encyclopedia. Also, it would let them contact home and or 911 in case of an emergency, this will ensure the students and staff are safe. What is your view on the subject? Should phones be allowed for use by students, or should things stay the way they are now?


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