C&E Project by: Madison knapp

Cause #1

Technology was something that Europeans had a strong wanting to learn about. They needed money to help them to pay for help from near by countries. Back then things seemed a ton more expensive because money was hard to get your hands on. I wrote in my notes, "Monarchs provided funding and support needed for inventors to work long hours". This helped Europeans with their wants and needs of technology.

Cause #2

People from Europe were very curious about the outside world. The reason being is that they have never been outside of their own towns or homes. Because they have never experienced new land they wondered what was out there till their curiosity grew and they went. The had a desire do discover the world and what was out there. An example of someone that every body knows is Columbus. Columbus wanted to explore and discover new places and new things. He went out to feed his curiosity and ended up finding exactly what he was looking for. The Europeans wanted to explore the same way that Columbus did. And that is exactly what they did.

Cause #3

When an animal gets mistreated by its owner it doesn't want to be there anymore and wanted to run away from harms way. I feel tyranny, of some sort, could have assisted in one way or another for people finding new places and things. If a group of Europeans felt mistreated they would want to leave and go to a new place. A bit of a crazy example would be Adolf Hitler. A ton of Jews in camps tried leaving because of how poorly they were being treated. That could have been similar for some Europeans.

Effect #1

Technology effected the Europeans by them being able to communicate, navigate, and globalize. This also helped them meet new people from outside of their towns. This greatly helped with navigation by making maps. This helped the Europeans become global. By becoming global with communications and navigation it helped other countries and near by towns with mapping and talking to one another faster than a letter taking 3 weeks to arrive.

Effect #2

One of the biggest things that occurred in exploration is finding resources. These resources were things like spices and gold that could be helped in trading or to purchase items for towns. Their trading increased with China. They also were learning about silk and different items that were being traded to see what would be best to trade. In class we also learned that Columbus found resources just like the Europeans did.

Effect #3

Majority of People believe that Columbus was a very very great guy who found land and made everything super. In reality he is the one who initiated slavery. When he found the natives he thought they were amazing people and would make great slaves. The biggest thing that was on his mind was money and resources that could be traded. Overall slavery was a huge effect of exploration.

Work cited

class notes and my own knowledge

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