The World According To Scott C



What make a good citizen? A citizen has right and responsibilities such as you can go to a pats game and cheer loudly that is a right but you can not go on the field and run around and put you in danger or others. That is a responsibility to stay in the stands. A right is if you want to cheer at the game no one can judge you on it. I chose this picture because I think life is rainbow witch mean every one is welcome in this world.

What do you think is the most effective type of government

A dictator has unlimited power and therefore he makes all the laws and decisions. He is the only one ruling and usually makes the decisions on his/her own . Dictatorship is also an autocracy. For example Fadel Castro the dictator of Cuba is an example that had a military background and military support.He is like a bully because he scares people he also threaten or kill whoever did not agree with them..But a dictatorship can also be good. This because some people might agree with them and their discussions this also might speed things up on the discussions because there the only one rule in and they do not have to agree with them China had a dictatorships but they were fair in which there discussions with the people agreed with them. This shows that a dictator is the most effective type of government in a good or bad way depending on.

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?Different languages can separate them from each other and culture can bring them together. Political separate them.Some laws that the EU make not all countries agree with so they get mad and might Evan quit.For example political separated the U.K. Is leaving the EU because they were not happy with the EU laws they have to follow.Different languages can separate people. Because they might not get each other and they can get mad and that will be bad.this shows only some reasons why some forced or supernatural work

How do people adapt living in the desert?People adapt by changing their clothing and changing the location they stay to the area around them.

Some people live here an oasis because everyone trades goods and food there.

Because nomads go a great distance growing cash crop such as peanuts that kill the grass around them but the people who buy them have to do nothing. Also the people who have an Amal if they do not need one enemy more they sell them and you can also use it for food. Theses cash crop case desertification and that is not good. Also you can find water around ether made by nature or human. Also there are trees that store water in their trunks they are called Palm dates. People also adapt by wearing different clothing.They were long and loose clothing to keep air going through then also they want to cove has much of their body has possible because the sun is very strong and there is never clouds to stop the sun. But people also have to change their clothing at night because it gets very cold almost at freezing temperature. This show two ways that people adapt to the desert climate they dress differently than us and they also have different resources around them that are available.

In these three paragraphs you will learn that that having a big resource can not always be good.For example fights, money, nonrenewable.

One way this is not good is that oil is a nonrenewable source this made by two tectonic plates crash and it creates oil with means that you can not use twice . This means once these state run out of oil it will have to look for a new source to work with and sell

Another reason that having a big sores is the government might not use the money well and the people might not be getting all of the money back and the country will not get out of the poverty stage.

A last reason that having a big resource is some country around it might not like that you have this big restores and might get jealous and get into a fight for the oil and that does not help the country or the other country.

In conclusion the oil can create many problem that you do not need in your country's you can get a lot of money from oil but you can also get zero. This made me think that the government is not always loyal to the citizens and that is how the fights start people get angry or annoyed.


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