Oakfield News Issue 89 - 23rd April 2021

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Note from our Head

Dear Oakfield families,

I hope you enjoy seeing the many exciting events that have been taking place this week - only one week of the Summer term has passed, yet Oakfield has hit the ground running, full of its usual energy and creativity! The sunny weather has been a great bonus, and it has been a delight to see children playing cricket, performing on the outdoor stage and generally enjoying just being together again.

This will continue to be a very busy term, and the time will no doubt pass swiftly, as it always does at this stage in the year. We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible as we find creative ways to deliver the special events that mark Oakfield's summer schedule. In the meantime, I wish you all happy and restful weekends.

Moyra Thompson


Earth Day was recognised and celebrated to the max at Oakfield! Children wore green to raise money for environmental causes, lots of learning took place about challenges the globe faces including endangered wildlife, climactic change and single-use plastic which we can all do our bit to reduce.

Indeed, all the children took part in creating a huge outdoor artwork of the world made from chalk. Well done to Mrs Fidler for organising the amazing global canvas for the children to complete. It shows how we all have our part to do to help fix the problems the world faces and it is down to us to step up to the challenge

Follow us on social media to see more about our Oakfield world artwork over the coming days #EarthDay2021 #OakfieldNature

OAFs Fundraising

As forewarned in the last newsletter, the Year 6 fundraising juggernaut will be cranking into action this Summer Term.

We really do hope that all of Oakfield can support our Year 6s; to give them a mightily deserved send off after such a bumpy 12 months.

Lots of behind-the-scenes planning is underway and we can reveal that the theme this year will be the Big Wave Goodbye (a beach party). They might not have sunned themselves in Seville as was planned for Year 5, but instead we hope to bring some seaside vibes to SE21.

First off is a well-loved Oakfield institution, Crazy Hair Day On Friday 30th April.

We invite the whole school to twist, spike and plait their Lockdown Locks (we’re hoping you haven’t managed to get a hairdressers appointment quite yet..) into wild and colourful creations to be admired by all. Let your imaginations run wild and let the hairspray loose.

We kindly ask that donations are made via the below paypal link or via collections in buckets at the school gates.

Our wish is that the whole of the school community enjoy the various occasions planned, and as well as facilitating memories for our Leavers, they will also provide some happy Summer Term memories for all the younger years too!


We are sharing lots of things about the Oakfield Diploma on our social media platforms - especially Twitter and Instagram - that aren't on the newsletter. So get following us!

And Year 6 parents and carers can tag us @OakfieldPrep and use the hashtag #OakfieldDiploma2021.

Before the holiday, Year 6 had chosen their options and on Monday morning they were all excited to see which of the six different options they had been given: Law, Photography, Environmental Science, Philosophy, 3D design or Media Studies.

Each group got stuck straight in and really enjoyed exploring new areas of learning. In the Photography class the children experimented with light and reflection, using mirrors and gels to change the angles and the colours with some dazzling results. Some of these shots would not be out of place at the Tate Modern.

The 3D Design group did an excellent job of displaying our Oakfield 6 Cs of Care, courage, creativity, curiosity, challenge and collaboration, as they tackled their first models in wood. It was great to see everyone working together to build their structures. They can't wait to show you the finished results.


Jessica, in Year 4 was very excited to tell me all about her gran just before the Easter holidays. Jessica told me that her gran has a piece of sculpture in a gallery. It turns out that Jessica's gran has work in the Royal Society of British Artist exhibition in London next month. Her sculpture is a rather beautiful horse, check out the link below.

Here is Jessica putting the finishing touches to her Zen garden, it seems that a love for sculpture runs in the family.

Isn't it exciting - artists are all around us.


Our catering company Harrison's pulled out all the stops for St George's Day today!


Year 2 have enjoyed participating in Earth day. The children had great discussions and ideas on how to look after our amazing planet. We discussed the importance of pollination.

‘Without bees, we wouldn’t have food’ Anastasia
‘We should plant more trees because we are cutting down so many’ Oliver
‘Trees improve the air we breathe' Tippi

In English the children participated in drama. They have been focusing on the story by Drew Daywalt, The Day the Crayons Quit! The children worked in pairs and had to express how they were feeling and show their emotions through drama. They had great fun!

The children linked their Science work to Earth day. They planted sunflowers. All the children are keeping a weekly chart reminding them when to water their plant and how much water to give it.


Oakfield Prep supporting our families for 11+

Due to the pandemic our usual Schools Fair cannot take place in person. However, as mentioned in the newsletter before Easter we are working with a number of secondary schools in order to be able to offer a Virtual Schools Fair on the morning of Saturday 8th May. We have at least 12 schools confirmed and the virtual fair will be open to all Oakfield families with children in Years 3 - 5.

A message will be going out via the Portal but please mark the date in your calendar now.


Our topic this term is ‘Once Upon a Time’. Through this topic, the children will be encouraged to explore the characters, settings and morals taught through all of the different stories. We will look at a range of traditional tales from around the world, as well as some modern fairy tales.

This week we read ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ written by Julia Donaldson. We used Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing strategy to retell the story, then wrote about what we would paint if we had a magic paintbrush of our own. We thought of describing words to make our writing even more interesting.

We have also been looking at the 'ow’ as in ‘cow’ sound in phonics and practising writing words and sentences containing this. We have been practising sharing equally in maths.

One final piece of lovely news... You are probably all aware by now, but Miss Treppass is expecting a little baby girl at the end of July! Thank you for all of your well wishes!


Great fun was had exploring and playing inside and outside this week!


We are delighted to announce that having had to postpone their wedding 4 times(!!) during the pandemic Ms Salter finally became Mrs Ryan over the Easter holidays! Congratulations to the happy couple from everyone at Oakfield!

And congratulations are also due to Pippa in Mrs Ryan's class who passed her Grade One piano exam with MERIT over the Easter holidays. Well done to you!

New Head Boy and Head Girl and House and Vice Captains:

Congratulations to them all and we are sure they will represent Oakfield with pride!

Smart as buttons!
Sunshine and smiles!

2nd Hand Uniform Donation

Dear Parents,

Please see the list below for the dates to donate any uniform to OAFS.

A member of the OAFS team will be in the lower school car park from 08:30-08:50am on the collection days.

Can we ask that any items you are donating are washed and in good condition with the labels removed.

Please do not send in any non-regulation uniform as we cannot sell it.

Collection dates

  • Monday 3rd May 2021
  • Monday 7th June 2021
  • Monday 5th July 2021

Many Thanks

The OAFS Team

Have a wonderful half-term everyone!


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