Laugh With Me Smile On, pASS iT oN,..

Whatever you may be feeling, there is always something to look forward to here and to consider at this truly one of a kind place, Dons Joke Shop.

Located in Quincy Center. The only business of its kind for miles and miles, if your looking to surprise yourself or someone else you need not look elsewhere. perfect for gifts, hobbies, entertainment, and more...

When you need of some attention, and laughter is a sure way to get it, places like this are rare, and meant for ways loved ones will see just how much you appreciate life. Grow fond memories that will last forever.

There is no limit to how many traits we share, and there does not seem to be any slowing down as to how much character we will either. Bring to life your imagination here, with a collection of fantasies that will inspire your creative sides and make your dreams a reality.

Nothing can take the fun out of a day like a sense of a world without wonder. You should not fooled into believing mysticism does not exist. A way to see yourself through someones eyes, when they cant believe their own... can become the spectacle that says your meant to inspire.

....and the tools you need are all waiting

This is the star of the show. He is not just a business owner but a full on thinking workshop of humor and enjoyment. All his stories and potential stories up to the minute, bring up every positive feeling and impression history can offer. and it serves as his true intention. I cannot get enough of the guy.

... His vision inspires. 43 years in the business as of 2017. He acquired it doing a favor for a former business owner who got an injury and could not make it to work. Don volunteered to take all the items into his home for storage but later was convinced to use it all to start his own store.

Packed with everything from magic, jokes, coins, baseball cards, stamps and much more, this place is a rare find and is full of charisma.

Lets not forget costume parties, Halloween and other such occasions. depending on what your into whether a clown, a skeleton, a priest, or an alien, spend a little time and see for yourself.

Like with any sense of humor.. it only matures. and there is an assortment of gags that range from hilarious for kids to outrageous for adults. And if your looking for it. This guy has it.

So stop on by,.... DONT BE A PARTY POOPER! ... and makes some memories the whole world can share. Have Fun.

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