Japan What customs keep structure in a society?

Rachel Tran

Japan developed many customs that keep society in shape, together, and organized. A few very influential customs Japan developed are Bushido, Feudalism, and Appreciation for Art.

A Geisha with Japanese fans

Bushido Is a samurai code that expected warriors to be honest, fair, and fearless. The samurai code took a long time to develop, but much like the code of chivalry; contains many expectations that need to be followed. The word Bushido means "The way of the warrior." This code helps society because it teaches samurais how to become the best they can and do anything for their lord or Daimyo. Without Bushido Samurai wouldn't be trustworthy and people wouldn't have had good protection.

You might find information about Busido in Documentaries.


Feudalism is an economic and political system that developed in Europe. The feudal system ties classes together, each class helps each other and provides each other with necessities needed to live. For example samurais provided protection for peasants and in return peasants provided them with food and goods. Much like Europe there are higher classes and lower classes. Feudalism made it so society would stay together. It helped keep clear of who was in charge of who. Without feudalism society would not be as organized because people would think they can do what they want and not help any other of the social classes.

You could use the visual of a feudal pyramid.

Feudal pyramid for Japan

Shotokan... a Japanese stye karate

Appreciation for Art is the different creations Japan developed in the area of art, such as writing and literature. These things influenced our art customs today, for example writing skills helpful to Japan then are still used now; The formal and common writing style calligraphy was invented in feudal Japan. Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. This form of writing is important in Japan because they believed the beautiful characters reflect nature. Calligraphy writing was able to express feelings better than paintings or sculptures. Samurais were expected to have the skill of writing in calligraphy because they wrote poetry and literature and the characters better show the meaning of these works. Without calligraphy writing would not be as meaningful.

You might see calligraphy in poetry, or literature/books.

Calligraphy used in a book

Japan had developed many interesting and beneficial customs that kept both feudal and modern Japan organized and structured.


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