Cape Cod Hallie Whisler

Cape Cod without Cod

Hallie Whisler #22

Cape Cod shoreline is a famous national park that has beaches, marshes, forests, grasslands, lakes, ponds, oceans and sand dunes. Cape cod is a marine ecosystem. Cape cod's shoreline has over 450 different species that are in the water( freshwater and saltwater) and the beaches. Cap code also is a Cape ( a cap is a piece of land that is off a piece of land and sticks out like a cape.) Cap Cod is a famous seashore which leads to the protection of it by the national parks. The water is home to many things including cod. What would happen if the cod was removed from cap cod. What is the ecosystem of cape cod ? Does cod have any symbiotic relships? What is the food web of cape cod? Well let's find out!

Goodbye Cod

First, Cap Cod has many animals and plants. Some animals include cod, crabs, clams, phytoplankton, shirmps, worms and zooplankton. The cod is a carnivore and is a consumer. Cod is a big part of the Ecosystem as it is a source of food for humans and eats many other things. Without cod many animals would become overpopulated. The cod is also a food humans all over the world eat. If cod was eliminated this would mean huge sales would be lost for humans and other animals would grow too large numbers and not get the food they n

Yuck the Cod Worm

The cod has a parasitism relationship with the cod worm. The cod worm is inside the cod. Since it is in the cod it feeds of the food the cod eats. Because of this it weakens the cod. In contrast, the cod worm is a parasite unlike cod which is a consumer. The cod worm is a parasite which means that it benefits but the cod does not. This is not good for the ecosystem because cod is one of the most fished fish at cape cod so with the cod worm it will weaken and kill more cod. The cod eats and keeps the cape cod ecosystem in balance if that cod worm kills cod it will not stay balanced. I know it is bad for the cape cod ecosystem.

How things are without cod… awful

Finally, The food web of my ecosystem starts with the sun. The plants in the water take the sun's energy and turn it into food a witch is eaten by the phytoplankton and the zooplankton. They are eaten by a lot of things like worms. Worms are eaten by shrimp and clams. Shrimp and clams are eaten by cod which are then are eaten by cod. Cod is then eaten by humans. Cod eats so much more and humans love cod. If cod was taken out the shrimp and clams would overpopulated and eat all the phytoplankton and zooplankton and have no food and die. No phytoplankton and zooplankton the plants will over grow. The whole Ecosystem of cape will collapse with no cod. Humans have other food so they will be fine but the rest of the ecosystem will fall to the ground.

The Cape cod marine ecosystem is has many plants and animals. Each plays it special part in the ecosystem of cape cod. While the cod is eaten by humans it eats shrimp and clams. The cod does have an enemy too. The cod worm is a parasite that eats the cods food. The cod is a well loved ( and yummy) fish that is important to the ecosystem of cape cod. Without cod there would no shrimp, clams, zooplankton and, phytoplankton.


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