Horseback Riding By:alora jondahl

In horseback riding the round pen is used for several things. The thing you want is for the horse you are working with to respect you and know that you are the boss. To do this you make the horse listen to you and respond to your body language

The barn is the place that almost all the tools and supplies you need are kept. In the barn there are cross ties that you use to keep your horse from wondering off while you saddle them up.

The saddle blanket is the thin or thick piece of cloth or padding that goes under the saddle so the saddle does not chafe the horse's back. The saddle blanket also makes the ride more comfortable for the horse and the rider.

The saddle is one of the most important things you need for horseback riding. The saddle is not necessary but if you want to anything other than walking of loping you the saddle to stay on the horse.

The bridle is another really important tool needed to control the horse. The are many different styles of bridals. The type of your bridle completely depends on your horse.

Trotting the second seeped on a horse. All horses have a different trott. The horses trot can be fast, slow, bumpy, or smooth. Beyond that a horse can have a choppy trot or an extended trot.

loping the third and fastest controlled speed. In my opinion this speed is the best. With loping there are two leeds. The leed most horses should be on is the right leed. A leed is which hoof the horse is leading with.

For me pivot on the haunches is one of the most difficult things to do. Pivot on the haunches is when you get the horse to turn around without moving the horses back feet.

Barrel Racing is my favorite thing to do on a horse. Barrel racing is an all girls sport. In barrel racing there are three barrels that you have to make it around as fast as you can in a specific pattern. This is one of the fastest sports at a rodeo. I tis my favorite thing to do and watch.

Dismount is the last and the easiest things to do. Dismount is just getting off the horse. When you first start riding it takes some time to get off the correct way but after a few tries it is supper easy.


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