Butterfly Garden Sara Riley Drussell

Nature on Display

While visiting the Florida Museum of Natural History, I went to the Butterfly Garden, which I found absolutely beautiful. It was different than other exhibits because I was able to enter the habitat of the butterflies and watch them interact with each other and in their own environment. The exhibit was absolutely beautiful, some of the pictures I took show the butterflies, flowers and waterfalls that were part of the garden. It was eye catching because it was colorful due to the flowers and all of the different butterflies. I feel I learned a lot about how butterflies interacted with each other and I was able to see it first hand. I noticed how most butterflies stuck within the same variety of butterfly and how they interact with one another. They would fly together, lounge on the same fruit, and stay on near by flowers. Encountering this in their own habitat allowed me to note these things.

These are pictures that I took that display some of the different butterflies, plant life, and water falls that were in the garden. It was made it beautiful and serene.

Nature and Ethics

As described in the assignment, Leopold believes that people should "love, respect, and admire" nature. I feel as though the Butterfly Garden completed that task thoroughly. It is noted that the butterflies are in an enclosed area which replicates their natural environment, but it is regulated by people. This could be seen as unethical, by holding them in captivity, but the butterflies are well taken care of, monitored and they make people happy, which I feel erases any ethical issues there may be with keeping them contained. When I attended the garden, many people were there, but it was quiet. People were busy observing and taking pictures and enjoying their surroundings, so by Leopold's standards, the garden is a success. People were not touching the butterflies, but they were admiring the spectacle of them. For me personally, it was really nice to step outside of the hustle and bustle of daily life and truly enjoy what was around me. I sat on a bench and just observed the butterflies for a while so I feel as though I did connect with nature in the way that Leopold would hope.

Behind all of the trees, plants and butterflies, there was a barrier to ensure that the butterflies stayed safe within the habitat that was created for them. Despite being held in an exhibit, the exhibit is well taken care of and made people (like myself, bottom right picture) extremely happy.

Nature and Human Spirit

My daily life typically consists of rushing between classes and my dorm and rushing to do homework. I never really take the time to slow down and enjoy everything that is around me, which is something I was able to do while at the museum. The garden was relatively quiet, except the rush of the waterfalls in it and there was so much to look at and enjoy. I felt as though it gave me time to sit and think while I just looked at all of the peacefulness that surrounded me. It made me realize how much I do just rush around and I never really stop to appreciate the beauty in the things that are around me on a daily basis. I feel as though it is important for everyone to take time out of their day to sit and reflect and enjoy the environment around them because there is a lot of beauty around us day to day. There is so much for people to enjoy and see. At the museum the butterflies and fish and plants all coincide in one environment and I feel like that is something that people can take away from this experience. If different species can all live in a small environment together, then as people we should all be able to live in our large environment peacefully.

Part of the majesty of the garden can be seen in some of the pictures I took while there. There were so many beautiful colors between the flowers, fish and butterflies and everything was extremely peaceful. It was interesting to see so many different species live amongst one another and there was no chaos. I feel that is something that people can learn from nature.

* All images displayed in this story were personally taken by me, none are from outside sources.

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