~*~Middle East News~*~ ~*~Dahlke~*~

~*~Today we are currently happening in Saudi Arabia and Iran is that Saudi Arabia and Iran could not make an agreement for the 2016 pilgrimage. ~*~

~*~<2016 Saudi Arabia and Iran Together here>~*~

~*~What is happening here in Tunisia is Tunisia is scared. They are scared for letting the Jihadists into their safe place. (home) ~*~

~*~Tunisia scared and afraid~*~

~*~In Libya refugees are trying to escape Libya for help, but last year more than 5,000 migrants died to leave. They want to leave because of many claimed victims being raped and abused.~*~

~*~In Egypt (currently happening), The former president, Hosni Mubarak, who at the time of being the president killed hundreds during 2011. He finally got released today. ~*~

~*~ A book called "Madonna in a Fur coat" was published 75 years ago, but is now a best-selling book in 2017. This book is also considered a love story and is happening right now Turkey.

~*~Jordan executes 10 prisoners to Islamic Extremism. This is happening in Jordan right now.~*~

~*~The United Nations is shown progress towards the goal of Peace. This is happening in Syria (aka 2017). ~*~

~*~People are usually racist to people of their color, but in Algeria it is based on your religion. (What you believe in). ~*~

~*~"One of the world's most wanted Hashish smugglers arrested in Morocco."~*~

~*~The father of Chief petty officer William (who was killed) in Yemen, refused to meet Trump. ~*~


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