Restoring the congenitally missing lateral by dr. John Tsourounakis

Clinical examination revealed a class I Siebert ridge deficiency. You can appreciate the severe horizontal ridge deficiency at the CBCT scan.
Augmentation of the deficient site was done with a combination of autogenous bone, obtained from the base of the maxilla with a trephine, and bovine xenograft. The composite graft was covered with an absorbable collagen membrane.
A CBCT scan, taken 6 months following the augmentation procedure, revealed a significant increase of the edentulous site.
An Astra Osseospeed EV implant, 3.0x13mm was placed in a restoratively driven position. An autogenous soft tissue graft was placed at the buccal of the implant to enhance the esthetics of the future restoration.
Prosthetics by Dr. Kris Coulter

Replacing the congenitally missing lateral incisor

by John Tsourounakis DDS, MS, FRCDC, Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology

Created By
John Tsourounakis

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