Home Renovation Downstairs bathroom

The downstairs bathroom was pretty outdated. It is on the small side anyway, and in the back corner was a shower stall that I only used once because when I turned around to rinse my hair, all my hair got caught on the side of the shower and stuck there. It wasn't dirty but it was so tiny. Will ripped the plastic shower stall out of the corner and built a shower basin that went across the whole back wall. Now the shower is big enough to turn around in without touching the wall. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy in life, but I found that that is one thing that does make me happy. We tiled it together and I now know tiling to be similar to canoeing - it can ruin a marriage if you aren't careful. This will be my next blog - How Bathrooms Ruin Good Marriages. We love each other unconditionally and we made it through (almost, because we still have to finish it).

The "Middle Room" downstairs leads to all the other rooms downstairs

Our house is a split level, meaning when you come in our front door you have a foyer about 4'X5' and from there you either go upstairs or downstairs. I have never seen that before this house and I absolutely LOVE it! When you go downstairs, you first come to a room that we call the "Middle Room" because all other rooms move out of that room. It will end up being our Homeschool Supply room I think (if I can get some help figuring out how to organize all the stuff so that it looks really, really minimal and neat). That is the picture here with the flooring going in. The laundry room to the right is where the new floor started. It is snap-together planks that looks like wood. It fit our needs, our budget, it works with our heated concrete floors, and it seems pretty durable and neutral toned. Ellie is putting the light switches back on after I painted that room. The kids help a lot and they learn some things that many kids don't experience.

Garrett learned how to install the toilet and the lid

The bathroom is tiled, the sink and toilet installed, the trim replaced, and the shower fixtures are in. We still have to hang a curtain, shelves, the mirror, hooks, and the door. I took off the door and clear coated it. All the doors in the house are real wood and the stain is beautiful but it needed to be redone but instead I thought a satin poly would be nice. I was right! The wood grains really pop now and the satin finish just gives it a bit of light reflection to lighten the space. I will get more pics on here this week.

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