Join us when we're sailing remote places, climbing high above spectacular fjords, and skiing wild mountains.


We are Achim and Markus - sailors, climbers, adventurers. Inspired by the idea of combining offshore sailing and alpinism, we prepared for Vertizontal, our adventure project. After more than two years of planning, we just set sails on our expedition to the most remote places on earth.


More than just a ships name

From the very beginning of our plannings, it has been clear that a sailboat will be the heart of our endeavors. A ship doesn't only take you to places that would not be accessible by other means, but it also provides shelter in the fiercest conditions. Our ship is more than a yacht, it is our home, refuge and starting point of all our trips into the backcountry. This is why we called it BASECAMP.

BASECAMP is a 31 feet steel yacht built in 1980. Not very fancy, but rather functional. As we bought it last year, our principle was that we'd rather invest a lot of work, than a lot of money. Had we only known how much we had to work to get her ready...

Heading North

An adventure of a kind

Loneliness, frost, severe conditions. Winter doesn't seem like the most natural time to go sailing. Especially at night on the open sea, the question shoots through your mind: Why not go to the Caribbean? Picturesque bays, palm trees, sandy beaches as far as the eye can see. Another time, maybe.

Sailing in the warmth? Anyone can do that. We're attracted by the wildness, perhaps even by the rebellion: Getting out of ones comfort zone is a crucial ingredient to any adventure.


Our journey started in Rostock, Germany, at the baltic sea. Passing Denmark and Sweden, we arrived in Norway in October. Since then, and during the whole winter we sailed the norwegian coast, passing countless tiny islands and breathtaking steep and high fjords. We sailed further North up to our Big goal - The polar circle.

Expedition Filmmaking

Since the very beginning, filmmaking was part of our journey. Our adventures are captured in a weekly cinematic VLOG on YouTube. We have hours beautiful sailing and climbing footage. During the highs and the lows of this trip, the camera was a permanent companion - capturing true emotion.

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