Innovative Media By Zachary Quek Jien-Ean ( 0320298 )

Welcome to Zachary's page ! You can call me Zac or you can call me later. I hope to gain the skills on how to use digital media more efficiently and effectively from this fun module. I enjoy meeting new people from different background groups and learning from them. I see myself as a being the best PR and Event management person in Malaysia. I love pancakes by the way :D !!!

Assignment 1 : E-Portfolio

Exercise 1 : Stop Motion Animation


A game where you create your own pizza and watch it come to life.

Group Photo

Exercise 2 : Viral Content


An Anti-drug is something that helps you stay drug free. What helps me escape reality? Why drugs when I have these

1. Listening to Music

Just chilling and going concerts to hard bangin' EDM songs will be my choice over drugs anyday.

2. Sleeping

Some things are illegal in real life but nothing stops me in my dreams.


3. Gordon Ramsay Videos

If you don't know who this guy is you should ! Not only do you get to learn what an environment in a kitchen feels like but also new entertaining ways to insult people.


4. Ma jokes

I love making people laugh! It's addicting, it's fun and it's wayyyyy cheaper than drugs.


5. My Mom

Not letting her down and getting love from her is the best drug I'll ever take.

6. Laziness

I can't even complete the list so what makes you guys think I have the energy to even buy drugs and take them.


These are the 6 Anti-drugs that keep me away from drugs. What are yours?

Redid conclusion*

The 6 of my anti-drugs are listening to music, sleeping, Gordon Ramsay videos, joking, my mother and laziness. Everyone is sure to have an addiction to something positive to sway them away from negative actions and thoughts such as drug abuse. After viewing this content, people should use their positive addiction and use it to prevent negative vibes.

Exercise 3 : Infographic



Exercise 4 : Mobile App

Description : Fashionista is a mobile application that constantly updates users with info regarding hot & trending wears that the most searched celebrities have. This includes clothing, pants to shoes. The application's main feature Fashionista allows users to snap a picture of a certain item they are uncertain of. Once snapped, the picture will be send to the Fashionista team. In over 30 minutes, the picture will be sent back with details regarding the item/items in terms of price, what brand. Users can either check the online store to whether the item is available or search nearby locations if it is available.

Fashionista's - Login Page
Homepage - Contains 4 icons in the homepage which is the Trending Celebs, Celeb Styles, the highlight of the app *Fashionista* and the information regarding the app. There is also a sidebar that includes *Fashionista's* features.
Trending Celebs contain information of the hottest and most trending celebrities. This includes the things they wear from clothes, jeans and watches. This is constantly updated to give the user more information regarding latest celebrity wear. Some celebrity items are also purchasable in the application.
Celeb Style - Contains updated and recent articles of celebrity clothes to what they like to wear and where they got it from.
*Fashionista* - The main function of the app. This allows users to update their photos taken recently or online from celebrities in which they are unsure of what they are wearing. Once taken the image it is then scanned and sent to the *Fashionista* team in which they will be given information regarding the wears of the celebrity or something similar.
The sidebar is treated like a sidechick. Only used when necessary and needed.
Users will be notified at the sidebar once the image has been reviewed by the team.
Located at the sidebar, this includes all photos snapped and automatically saved in the app. Users are here able to view what has been reviewed to them by the *Fashionista* fashion expert teams.
This shows an example of the photo reviewed. Users are now able to identify what their favorite celebrities wear. The function also includes to wear they would like to purchase these items from the online store app if available or even search nearby brand outlets that have them.
The Google Map shows where Users are able to purchase their recently reviewed photos if they aren't available from our stores.

App Code : T3URBY

Assignment 2 : Video

The topic we've chosen is travel. Our social media page goes by the name "What's In My Bag". Our page aims to inform people who are planning to travel on what to include in their bags when they pack for their trip. This page is geared towards people who aren't sure of what to expect of the place they're travelling to but would still like to be prepared. To promote our page, we've decided to show a few essentials you should include in your bag when travelling to certain places.


Mindmap Link


Moodboard Link



Amazing Group Mates for Short Video

Assignment 3 : CHAT STICKERS


(1) sleepy
What Ice Creams do when they aren't eaten
What's a party without a cake ?
(3) SAD
Donuts have feelings too :(
Dough working its way to become a precious cupcake
How else would you light up a cake ? By making it angry
Dango's are clueless to why they're skewered
Created By
Zachary Quek


Created with images by skeeze - "raccoon portrait wildlife" • Chareze Stamatelaky - "Anti Drug Poster 2" • Mr Moss - "Information" • LoboStudioHamburg - "twitter facebook together exchange of information instagram"

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