Romans destruction claudius

WE ARE as Fierce a tiger

We will fight for a living to get a more land and take over the world

We will fight for war

We will approach from the snow

We will terror you with our battle cry We will destroy you Britain and take over all your land of gold and the WORLD!!!

We will swim as sharks

We can swim like a shark and seal attack’s braitn no pouint of them using water we can swim with the heaviest armour

We have 7,000 in our army

We have strong amor with javlinggs

We are like wolfs

Are battle cry is like a wolf howl and destroy and capture land

People of Rome we will take over all land and get mitearrills

We are sneaky

We are as sneaky as a leopard to get our terror tory

We need all there food

We need all there land they have amazing fertile farm land and good mines with gold/silver and cows for lead,leather wool from sheep more slaves.

And all there gold

We need coins so we can make materials out of metal.

Get ready for battle

We will expand all our army to take over the world we need Britain first to get all of land get food,berry’s gold/silver and more goods we need them in roman hands come on wear Romans wear strong wear like gods.

Get in mines evryone

Get through their mines and get there materials.

Finally after all that we took all of Britain and all of their materials.


Created with images by Linda72 - "white tiger big cat cat animal tiger" • jaegermb - "winter snow cold" • merone - "shark under-water animal fish diving shark shark" • ArtCoreStudios - "gladiator fighter sword warrior soldier empire power" • Papafox - "wolf lonely rest" • designerpoint - "leopard wildcat big cat safari botswana africa" • Vasilisa-Malinina - "fruit nature sheet" • image4you - "euro coins currency money yellow market europe" • Sprachprofi - "legion roman army ancient military soldiers armour" • MikeMcC - "cornwall mining mine england uk tin travel"

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