Slipping between the seasons Not quite winter

We're in the flux season

Not quite WINTER

no longer able to claim Autumn's colorful world.

Living in days of

perpetual twilight

life lit like the paths deep in the woods

Brightened by

twinkling lights precariously hanging from the rooflines

Setting off to do lists as the mad scramble begins.

The air sodden

with damp thoughts, grey overcast skies and droplets that feel as if they pierce the skin



with flyers proclaiming deals, commercials sparkling in their conviction that you must buy....

New Neighbors

moving in where no one lived before

Disappearing back to where they came from when discovered

The sunshine's patience allowing it to linger only for a few hours....

While waiting for winter to arrive

Copyright Jen Vandervoort/The Light Laughed All rights reserved 2016

Created By
jen Vandervoort


Copyright Jen Vandervoort/ 2016 All rights reserved

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