Good Life Tour of the Harn Sunil Ghosal

Personally, I feel as though the artwork shown below is on of the coolest in the entire museum. The fact that you can see all the way through resonances with the fact in life that there is are obstacles, but you can always just go right past them. The artwork make me feel intrigued because of all the means that the artist could have had when he drew this.

Citation: Casita al mar - Emilio Sanchez

It is clear that the high ceilings and large open spaces seem to put the focus on the artwork. For example, take the SCULPTURE in the photo below. the lighting of the museum make it seem as though angels are shining light down onto it verse just being a statue. Overall, the desgin of the museum makes me feel free and in my own space.

The picture hits me very hard because it is so true and I never really thought about it. One of my core values is that I believe that everyone should be treated equally and this is one of the many instances where this is not the case. We live in a free country where everyone should be allowed have an equality of opportunity. The artist evokes emotions of enlightenment and concern because I never knew that this was going on until I saw this print.


The Picture above conveys a theme of Good Life which is fighting. This is because the print invokes the desire to change the status quo. It adds to my understanding because I never knew about this before seeing this print and tells me that they is still social injustice in everything around us.

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