No Safety in Numbers Character Sketch


Mike is a static character, He remains the same person throughout the book No Safety in Numbers.

At the beginning of No Safety in Numbers the author tells us, "...then Mike gunned it in reverse, barreling down the aisle back toward Marco" (Lorentz 1).

The above quote gives us the idea that Mike is a bully and likes to hurt weaker people. He doesn't care if he injures or kills someone.

Soon after the mall was quarantined Ryan was eating with Mike and Drew. The author say, "while they ate, Mike and Drew rambled on to Ryan about their conquests. Over the years Ryan knew of Mike and Drew's reputation for preying on the weak..." (Lorentz 67).

This quote explains that Mike has always preyed on weaker individuals.

On Day 6, as things get really heated at the mall and the guys are in a the sporting good store, "Mike appeared from behind a display nearest the guy and shot him point blank in the temple" (Lorentz 228).

This quote shows Mike is cold-blooded and has no conscience.


Mike is a static character. He is a cruel individual at the beginning of our story when he is chasing Marco for putting a small ding in his BMW. Throughout the story, we find that Mike is rarely kind to anyone. He is a bully. The author gives us hints that Mike has always been this way. Mike is the organizer of a small gang in the mall. He encourages others to behave cruelly. Mike steals at gun from an injured police officer, and near the end of the book, he shoots someone. Mike is a static character because he does change who he really is from the beginning to the end of the book.


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