Maxwell Sandler Ceramics Work

Delilah, 2017
Captain & Crunch, 2019
Cruciferous Collection, 2017
Teapot, 2016
Vesica Piscas, 2018

Personal Artist Statement

My work for the past couple years has been driven by curiosity and experimentation. Most of the artwork I produce often references my academic background in cellular biology and more specifically my research experience. From the early beginnings in science and the arts, I have been fascinated with the interplay between the two fields. In both disciplines, there is a commitment and dedication to create and think laterally; to problem solve with the simple goal of exploration. I use the foundations of science to aid in the production of ceramic pieces that provoke viewers to question the intention of the form, color, texture, and pattern. In my artwork, I focus on uncovering and developing this relationship of these two subject matters.

My Family
Created By
Maxwell Sandler

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