Agriculture By: Manipal

Agriculture in Canada contributes over $100 billion annually to Canada's gross domestic product (GDP). Why is the agriculture and agri-food sector so important? its important because it is a extremely big contributor to Canadian lives. it feeds us, as well as our economy. Also it gives us jobs so it can also provide us with money. Farmers out there make $70,010 per year. they get paid $33.66 per hour. In Canada there are less farmers and more farmland. In 1921, farming was the most common job.
Issues- In the past 15 years, Canada's share of the global wheat market has shrunk to 15 per cent from 23 per cent. Cities are starting to take up farmland, an average of 350 acres of arable land per day are taken up in Ontario alone. The rate of productivity for agriculture has been decreasing and Canada is not at the top for agriculture any more. Canada's global economy is declining because they are not doing as much work as other countries such as Brazil that means the farmers are not going to get paid as much, which leads to farmers quitting. That also so means less farmers, less food and higher prices.
Markets and Trade - On average, Canadians spend less than 10% of there household expenditure on food purchased in grocery stores. Liberalization of international trade has increased productivity in agriculture and has contributed to many sub - sectors in the industry. It has also made an impact on Canadian exports such as oilseeds, grains, pork, beef and livestock. China, Japan, and the European union are export markets for Canada's farm products.
How do farmers extract wheat? They extract wheat by using a machine called the green extractor which allows the machine to cut the wheat and let it grow back after instead of planting new seeds.
What do we need to change in order for the industry to be more sustainable?- Some ways we can make our industry more sustainable our selves are by wasting less food, open up more farmland, and use different methods in the farmers perspective. A very useful method in my opinion is stop using pesticide, fertilizers, and herbicides. These chemicals will pollute nearby water and soil which can lead to killing wheat and making it less sustainable. Another method is using crop rotation. Crop rotation is a method of using multiple crops in a designated area over a period of years. This will solidify the soil and make it more sustainable.


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