Physics within Cancer research by Kaylee Herrygers

Cancer has been looked at and treated from many different angles. In the beginning of cancer research they took the cancer out, took x-rays, used radium, radiation, basically anything you can think of. But as cancer research increased they noticed that they needed to use physics to find the solution to the problem.

The beginning of the cancer problem

From the beginning of time, cancer has been a problem for humans and animals alike. The farthest back cases of cancer can be linked to Ancient Egypt where they treated it by using a red hot castration tool and applied it until the cancer was burnt off. In ancient Greece cancer was known as carcinoma, they watched the tumors grow but they didn't treat or operate on the patients. After the renaissance, a Scottish surgeon started using anesthesia to operate on patients and was able to take out the tumors. Though these took care of the cancer for a short time, the study of cancer needed the law of physics to be successful. In 2009 they made the first physical science oncology center, thus initiating the help of physicist into cancer research.

The Physics in Cancer research

Originally cancer research was only preformed by physicians, but as time went on they noticed that they needed the help of people with a strong back ground in physics. Once they gained that help they now have many knew innovations that never would have been discovered.

Radiation what is it?

Radiation: Cancer researchers are using radiation on malignant tumors. But, radiation is also causing cancer. The UV rays that you get from being in the sun cause cancer, when people use tanning beds they increase their chance of getting skin cancer by 75% because of the amount of UV rays that they intake. Radiation also treats cancer by killing the bad cells in one area of the body, it only works on malignant cancer.

Magnetic laser therapy

Magnetic laser therapy is proven to work in patients with neck, brain, and breast cancer. The process is somewhat complex since there is many different elements that are being tested with the lasers. For instance they are testing helium, iron, and gold, and other elements as well. They use lasers to target the cancer and then they send the nano-particles into the tumor to destroy the bad cells. The therapy is proven to be successful in only a few types of cancer so, it is not widely know since it needs specific circumstances to work.

Proton Boron fusion therapy

Proton Boron fusion therapy: To begin the process, physicists react boron by adding a proton particle to kill the bad cells in the body. Once boron collects in the tumor, the other things that are emitted are able to react with the boron. The only thing effected from this therapy is the cancer, since doctors use a small dosage of the protons, once they know that it is effective, they increase the amount of protons to cause more of a reaction to kill the cancer. This is a really good therapy to use for cancer since it is so accurate.

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