The Grading System Opinions of the Souhegan Community

Souhegan High School, currently, uses a competency based grading system. In the past, numerous other systems or variations of the competency based system have been used, and the Souhegan Community has a lot to say about the matter.
"I'll get good grades on most things but then get one bad grade... and it like... my grade significantly drops."

- Conner Holland

"If you did all the work, correctly, you'll get 100, now it's up to teacher's to dictate their own policies. Like if it was universal across all teachers and like all classes, it would be better. But as of currently, it's all over the place." - Owen Frates
"I'm a supporter of it as long as we understand how to communicate that to students and parents." - Kim Paniagua
"It's nice to be able to not, technically, worry about every single grade you get because you just want to improve ."

- Molly Jennings

"It's hurting us and it's hurting the students who do really well by doing everything that has been asked of us." - Natalie Weiss
"I think it's going to be good; I think it's a work in progress, right now. I think both students and teachers are getting used to it."

- Tom Sawyer

"You got it 100% right but now you get everything right, you get a 3... and the teachers say that's equivalent to a B+ or meets expectations."

- Taryn Quinlan

"With 3's and 4's, some teachers take 4's if you do everything perfectly, but some teachers, that will get you a 3 and you need to do more to get a 4... and I feel like that just... isn't a good philosophy on how kids should be graded on their work." - Finn Syverson
"Sometimes, they won't tell you how to get an exceeding... so if you are trying to get an exceeding you might be penalized for doing it in the wrong way, so to say." - Merlyn Zimmerman
"I love it. It works really well, yeah, it works really well for practical classes. Especially for culinary, because you can see when people are approaching standards and it also gives an opportunity to someone who excels." - Paula Garvey
"It's kinda confusing... it changes, like everywhere, it's not consistent." - Ryan McCarthy
"Once it is consistent i think it will be less confusing... I know in math it's been 1,2,3,4 and has been for 6 years, so it's not a change. I think I like that, projects and things, you have rubrics and expectations."

- Joann McDeed

"It's just easier for me to know, like, how well I did if it's, like, a 90 or an 80 rather than a 2 or 3 ." - Cali Stuart-Vail
"It has good intentions, however, nobody really does the same thing so it's very confusing for students and teachers, and in the end it does affect students' grades." - Maggie Conway
"The grading system is working towards a better future, and it makes sense for some cases, but right now we're kinda stuck in the middle and it's really frustrating." Claire Sullivan
"It's completely fine... as long as it's explained well."

- Aidan Wilson

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