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Get bi-weekly fundraising assets and a comprehensive list of relevant angel investors, venture capitalists, and investment funds.

Pitch deck crafting

Launching and scaling a new startup requires capital. Raising from investors is an obvious way to accelerate growth, however it can often be difficult for a new business to make themselves visible to the right people. Putting together a strong pitch deck can be the make or break in ensuring your startup articulates a compelling and interesting story, gets the attention it deserves and gains the traction it needs.

A great pitch deck should demonstrate a strong business model backed up by data. A strong presentation will deliver focussed and accurate information packaged in way that demonstrates your unique position. It should have a clear ask at the end which is justified through the research data.

5,000+ investors

Comprehensive database of angel investors, venture capitalists, and investment funds.

Investor emails, social media profiles, phone numbers

Spend less time researching and more time pitching.

Investors that invest in everything from consumer internet to fashion

The D2C Capital Stack

The D2C movement is in an interesting stage of evolution. There was a lot of capital, M&A and a sense of despondency among the investment community about the increasing CAC and capital costs. But there has also been companies that have crossed the billion-dollar valuations recently (Rent the Runway & Glossier). Add to these, the fact that there are going to be a lot of IPO millionaires, at least in the valley getting D2C brands out of the drawing board isn’t going to be a challenge.

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