Creative photography JAXon ZELCH

These are some of the first pictures I took in this class
FIVE of my favorite pictures edited by Snapseed
These are the pictures I took for the influence artist pictures
My favorite one is the athletics because it has leading lines, it's in black and white and I'm a athlete
My favorite one is the one of the sunflower. I like it because the yellow really stands out your eyes go straight there
My favorite one well there is two the one of the sunset and my friend Kyle on the front of my boat and the one of Sam
These three are the pictures I think came out the strongest with all the color that they have in them your eye can't help but look at them. My experience in this class was great it was my favorites class to come to during the day. I understood everything you said. Everything was clear it was fun to come to your class to take pictures and use my brain to take a photo that I thought was cool enough to take a picture of.
This is my favorite photo out of all of them for msny reasons. The first one Is that I grow up with this car in my life it brings back memories of my grandpa bring over chicken kitchen every Wednesday. Another one is that when I was little like 5 years old I called it the red rocket ship. But from what I learned in class it's using rule of thirds. The color is standing out your eyes go to the car. And it looks like a shot that would be in fast in the furious.

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