Snow Leopards By: Cameron JANOFSKY and Brock Killmar

This graph shows the Snow Leopard population growth over time with limited resources and shows the carrying capacity of the population. This line shows slow growth follow by exponential growth. Which could be a cause of Immigration.
This is a snow leopard in its natural habitat.


This is a baby snow leopard, They increase the population when they are born.


This is a Dead Snow Leopard. With every death the population decreases.


The population could decrease if more snow leopards join a population, therefore making natural resources scarce. The population could also increase.


The population in the given area would decrease, but that snow leopard could start a new population.

Density-Dependent Factors

  • Food-could limit the population size because there is not enough or too much.
  • Predation-could limit the population size by not enough prey or too much prey.
  • Disease- Could affect the population size, by making the making some of the population sick then die off.

Density-Independent Factors

  • Storms- could influence the size of the population by destroying habitats.
  • Habitat Disruption- Humans could influence the size of the population by destroying the habitats for farming.


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