Bryce's spring Break By: me aka Bryce

Bryce spent his spring break in a place called Phoenix, Arizona. He did a few interesting things

Bryce went to baseball game with his family and it was very hot. They didn't know what to do.

A fun game, but it was blazing hot

Some other stuff he did was go watch a basketball game. In the basketball game, the Phoenix Suns played the Portland Trail Blazers. Good thing it was inside, because it would've been very hot!

It was so fun!

The next thing Bryce did was go on a hike. Bryce had a very fun time until, he realized how hot it was on the hike.

A trail in Arizona

Bryce had a huge problem with the heat on the hike, so he had an idea. Bryce's idea was putting on sunscreen. His idea worked a little bit.

The last thing Bryce did was go to the Grand Canyon. He went on the glass bridge He was amazed of how big it was. Bryce and his family just stared and saw how cool it was. Then he stayed at the canyon for a couple hours, then he went back to the hotel.


In conclusion, that was the journey of Bryce and his family in Arizona. They had lots of fun at baseball games and the basketball games. And overall they all loved the Grand Canyon.

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