Your guide to finding the best tacos in westport Bailey Blaikie '19 and Nicky Brown '19

All around Westport students have a variety of restaurants to get various foods like pizza, ice cream, or a hamburger. However, many students overlook the opportunities and places to get a taco. So, we decided to go to three different taco places to try them.

First, we went to Border Grill. Border Grill is located on the Post Road, directly next to Athletic Shoe Factory. Border Grill offers a wide variety of items on their menu, from salads, to tacos, to chicken fingers.

The small shack like restaurant has counter seating as well as additional outdoor seating. We ordered the beef tacos which came out to $8.95. The plate came with three beef tacos in a hard shell. The tacos were topped with cheese and lettuce for a nice touch of extra crunch and flavor. They were also paired with a side of rice and beans. Although the beef went well with the cheese and lettuce, the overall taste of the tacos was underwhelming due to the lack of flavor.

Three hard shell beef tacos with lettuce and cheese paired with black beans and rice

After Border Grill, we went to Señor Salsa. Señor Salsa is located on 221 Post Rd West. The restaurant had a bright and colorful vibe with Spanish inspired decor. We ordered the taco basket which came with two tacos either chicken, steak, or one of each. The basket was $4.90. The tacos were served in a soft shell tortilla topped with a generous amount of homemade tortilla chips. The tortilla was cooked perfectly, being soft and flavorful but providing a little crunch. Overall, the tacos at Señor Salsa did not disappoint. Whether you order the steak or the chicken, you are bound to get flavor-filled tacos.

Beef and chicken tacos with a soft corn tortilla and handful of salted tortilla chips

Finally, we went to Bartaco. Bartaco is in downtown Westport overlooking the Saugatuck river. The restaurant displays a blue and white beach theme, making the experience even more enjoyable.

The sign at the front entrance of Bartaco

The tacos are offered in various meats and vegetable options. From chicken, to cauliflower, each taco is different. We ordered one pork belly taco and one baja fish taco. The tacos are small and cost $3.50 each. Each taco is stuffed with your choice of meat, a sauce and a topping.

The pork belly taco came with pickled onions adding a sweet taste to the savory meat. The baja fish taco came with a light mayonnaise sauce, onions and cabbage. The crispy fish paired with the crunch of the cabbage and onions was a delicious combination.

Overall, every taco we tried was very impressive and satisfying. Each restaurant took their own take on a taco. If you are looking for something more traditional, Border Grill and Señor Salsa provide the basic beef or chicken tacos. If you are seeking something more extravagant, Bartaco is the place for you.

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