Poaching Mads Sosuke Malia Philip Akardiy


Some animals like elephants, tigers and rhinos and more are being poached because of humans. We are gonna talk about the causes the impact and how you can help and more.


  1. Elephants are getting poached because of there tusks, and they use it for pianos and medicine.
  2. Elephants are almost extinct there are only 415,000 left.


  1. Tigers are getting poached because of there skin (fur) that is used to show people that they have allot of money
  2. Tigers are on the edge of extinction there are only 3,200 left.


There are a lot of causes for poaching. People poach elephants and rhinos, because their horns and tusks cost a lot of money. Hunters only kill adult rhinos, because they have bigger horns, and the hunters leave the babies behind. Most of the babies are going to die. So the population of the rhinos go down.

How To Help

WWF is moving the Black rhino by helicopter so they stay safe. They also let you adopt a animal . So what that means is you can send money to a specific animal and once a month get information about there endangered animal!

500elephants.org is trying to help by shortening conflict and helping the habitat.

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