World War II Kailynn Bly

Children in World War 2 went through a lot. War is a hard time not only for adults but for children. Children usually don't know whats going on during war. Which makes war such a hard time for children.

During World War 2 in Europe there was a horrible man named Hitler who caused the Holocaust. He took all of the Jews in Europe and put them in concentration camps.Hitler ordered that all men, women, and children were to be taken. In these concentration camps they separated the genders. On each camp the Jews were put to work. They would work long hours and have little sleep. When going to bed they all slept together , they were given no beds or rooms. They all slept in a big area right next to each other clumped up like dogs. They barely had food if any to eat. They then found themselves fighting over food even to the death. Adults would even fight children for food. Eventually sickness ran over the camp and many people died along with those who died from the gas chambers. You can't imagine what these kids are going through. First off these kids were taken from their homes just because of their religion. While in these camps the kids had to have questioned their religion and god thinking he was punishing them. Many people died including parents so most kids were forced to take care of themselves and their siblings. Some kids were all alone with no one to tell them they were going to be okay. These kids were constantly waiting to see who was going to be killed next they didn't know if it was going to be them or the person next to them. During the war 1.2 million Jewish children were killed.

During World War 2 kids weren't kids anymore. Many kids left school to go farm or collect scrap metal for the war. Kids weren't able to play because all they did was work. Kids close to the fighting either had to fight back or become a victim and die. Many children also died from starvation, malnutrition, or disease. Children had to adapt to the change or they die. So many kids changed into adults.


During the war many men in America went to war to help out. Causing many kids to lose their fathers. This can be very traumatizing their father may have not been a military officer before so they didn't have time to prepare for their dad being away. If their dad died this could cause mental issues. Also for young boys once their father left they became the man of the house. Causing them to play/be the big role of the family.

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