Peter Alexander by georgia micevski 7DT4

Peter Alexander Peter Alexander was born in Melbourne, in 1965. Soon after he left high school, he started his career in fashion with a marketing position at “Sportsgirl”. He left Sportsgirl in 1985 looking for something exciting and new. After his inspirational visit to Hong Kong, Peter returned with new sample fabrics and a great idea. He couldn’t help but notice that Australia’s marketing for comfortable, yet stylish nightwear had a problem and after talking to some of his female colleagues and they said that they much prefer male pyjamas because they just can’t find any kind of nightwear for females without over the top lace or dowdy flannel and they were just flat out uncomfortable.
This led to Peter official putting his idea into motion. In 1987, his dad gave him a $3000 loan to get started on his dream and he began making his first designer pyjamas on his mother’s dining room table. His beginning didn’t have the smoothest start. He didn’t have any practical experience with designing, so he had to get help from his friends and family to cut patterns and sew pieces together so he could see his design come to life. Despite him not having the right skills for the job, Peter’s nightwear for women started selling in major department stores throughout Australia. From then to a years’ time later, his pyjamas were officially selling in every major department store throughout all of Australia.
By 1990, his pyjama designs started extending to the four corners of the globe. Two years later, Peter was honoured with the Australian designer of the year award. In 1997, Peter Alexander took in his furry companion, aka Penelope the dog, into the scene to be his brands mascot logo. Once he had his logo and everything that he needed to start a business, one of his first “Peter Alexander” standalone boutique stores officially opened in 2004, in Melbourne. Unfortunately, in 2005, his beloved brand mascot Penelope passed away, but to fill in the hole of his loss, he adopted two brand new mascots in a year’s time.
As from today Peter Alexander has expanded his line to include both men’s and women’s nightwear and underwear, homewear, loungewear, giftware, accessories and children pyjamas. As Peter was climbing his way up to success, he went broke a number of times, but he persisted and bounced back to became the successful designer he is today.

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