The War Ashley Murray #9

The world had just finished a war which was called WWI. Germany had been blamed for all the costs of the war. They had not been able to pay off this. So they thought they could make it up by taking over other countries.

Adolf Hitler

He rose up in power around the 1920's. He became the leader of a political party called the National Socialist or also called the Nazis. In 1933 he rose to take control of Germany. The Nazi silenced anyone who disagreed with they. In 1938 they had many people in concentration camps which were prisons. In there there were many Jews that Hitler blamed for Germany's problems. He had killed him self when Germany was being defeated. He shot him self and he died.

Benito Mussolini

In 1922 he took power in Italy. He had 26,000 people march to Rome so he could clams power. He gained a upper right hand on King and Pole. He sided with the Axis powers. And Italy was soon pulled into World War II in 1940. After the Allies occupants King ordered for Mussolini to be arrested. So he was and he was executed. A day after there corps were hung in public view.

Francisco Franco

He took over Spain with the help of Mussolini. He took control of Spain following the Spanish Civil War. He created brutal military camps where many people were executed and or imprisoned in his earlier years.

Joseph Stalin

He took control of the Soviet Union. He ruled for more than 20 years. And he had formed many countries after the 1917 Russian Revolution. He was on the Axis power then went to the Allies after the Nazis invaded even after they agreed they would not invaded each other.

Hideki Tojo

He conquered other nations like Asia and the Pacific. All that was to get resources for Japan. So Japan military leaders conquered them. Japan invaded other parts of China. The Japanese had most of eastern China.


Roosevelt was the only president to serve three terms that died minister to join the allied hoping they would not be in the war.

The end

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