Who's on Drugs?

Calliope Gray is 32 years old and she's a successful general surgeon at Seaside Hospital in LA. She went to med school at Stanford and did her residency and fellowship at John Hopkins. Before med school she was addiction to marijuana, but she got clean. She recently relapsed three months ago, due to the stress of her close friend Kelly dying from a failed heart transplant. Calliope suffers from several short term side effects, such as: difficulty concentrating, decreased memory, loss of coordination, and an increased appetite. She experiences increased anxiety and depression after her use of pot. To cope with these symptoms she lays around and sleeps. The last month or so, she's has a chronic cough, which is a long term side effect of marijuana. She also gets infections and cold more often, due to immune system problems. Since she relapsed, her father has stopped talking to her, and is ignoring her calls. Her younger brother constantly is texting her trying to help her get into rehab so she can get clean, but she doesn't want to hear it. Her friends Adeline, Pat, and Shelly have been nagging her about her drug use and they want to help. Adeline and Pat aren't at all patient with her, and it really stresses out Calliope. Calli (for short) uses pot by smoking it and putting it in tea. Calli uses this drug 10-12 times a day and she spends around $300 a week on pot. She uses this drug in her own apartment, sometimes her boyfriend Brian is there and they abuse pot together. Calli started off drinking alcohol, but the alcohol led her to trying pot. She enjoyed the high of pot, so she continued to use it. The chief of surgery at her hospital, Charlie, fired her, so now Calli doesn't have a job. Thankfully, she hasn't gotten into any trouble with the police, yet.

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