the story that changed my life.

Hi my name is Reef, I am seventeen years old and I am a native of Nova Scotia. I am going to give a presentation about how I got to this point in my life.

The turning point of my life is when I pick up a stone just like the ones in the picture. What I did with that stone changed my life forever. By throwing the stone, I caused an car accident where six drivers were involved. Three of the drivers injured, and one driver seriously injured.

The stone lead to a trial. at the trial I was convicted of two counts of mischief, and one count of vandalism for causing the accident under the overpass that injured three drivers.

Instead of going to jail they sent me to a group home in Nova Scotia. I spent approximately a year there. During my time there I had to volunteer at the rehabilitation center as part of my sentence. I also had to give a presentation to a local school.

Now, I am going to tell them about what I did, and what lead me to throwing that stone.

I am going to give my presentation to the school, about how my life changed because of throwing that rock. I will show them how you can learn from your mistakes. I learned that my actions could effect others. By meeting others I learned how they have emotions to how other people feel. This can be effective in dealing with people that care for you, and this helps to keep your life in order.


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