SPACE JUNK 3.1.3 Space junk mitigation


The Colombia Space Shuttle left earth for the last time on January 16, 2003 with a goal of building the ISS. While leaving earth a piece of foam fell from a bipod ramp that was a part of the structure.

The crew still proceeded to fly to space. They were in space for 16 days and them now ordered to return to earth. Upon the return the shuttle lost temperature readings from sensors located on the left wing. Then, tire pressure readings from the left side also vanished. At this point the capcom called Columbia when it was near Dallas,Tx. While Husband was responding, he was soon cut off. In about 12 minutes later the shuttle had started to break apart and catch on fire. All of the crew died and the shuttle was destroyed.


On March 29,2012 Julie McEnery checked her email and came to the attention that her multi-million dollar telescope was 6 days from being hit by a Soviet Satelite and the telescope and satelite were approximately 700 feet from missing each other.

The following day McEnery was notified that the satellites were about 30 milliseconds apart.

McEnery teamed up with the Joint SPACE Operations Center at Vanderberg Air Force Base in California to solve the problem. The team concluded to firing thrusters on the Fermi.

The Fengyn 1C Weather Satellite

The Fengyn 1C Weater Station was shot down with a laser and left debris in orbit that threaten the working satellites. The Fengyn 1C is responsible for 3000 pieces of space junk in the Low Earth Orbit.

In 2011 the International Space Station came close with a paint chip from the Fengyn Fiasco or Fengyn 1C.


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