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A playlist of songs that represent Will Traynor's character from the film Me Before You. Will goes through several emotion in the film, and each song tries to convey his feels through the sound, instruments used and lyrics.

Portfolio Video 1

I revised the context of a few songs in the Project. Added to that I also changed a couple of paragraphs like the character introduction and scene settings. Concrete revision can be seen in the aesthetics of the Project after I switched to Adobe Spark to present the Playlist.


Working on the Playlist Project made me understand and differentiate sounds from instruments. The subtle sounds will help me know a character's emotion in any new film or play I would watch. Added to that I, I also started paying more attention to the lyrics of songs due to the new dimension they add to the music and character. Learning Adobe Spark will help me create better websites that have cool scroll effects in the future.

Experience The Film


A Twine project that focuses on the Butterfly Effect. While making the twine project, I wanted the user who is experiencing it to read something unexpected after every passage. That's when I started reading about the Butterfly Effect and few of its interesting examples. Read the twine story to know more.


This is my first attempt in storytelling, and the Twine Project helped me get my feet wet in creative writing. I learned embedding gifs to break the monotony of text. Added to that I learnt basic CSS programming.

For more reflections please watch the Portfolio Video 2 in the end.

Experience Twine

Gone Home Game Review

A video review of the award-winning game Gone Home. In the game, you play as Katie to uncover the mystery behind your sister's absence after you return home from overseas. Is the game actually worth USD 19.99?

Please watch the review to know more...


Gone Home Storyboard


"Gone Home" is an interesting first-person adventure game. The game is not the most interesting Thriller / Adventure video-game I have played in my life. However, the audio effects and the plot immersed me into the virtual world of Sam.

I edited the video on Camtasia 9 instead of Camtasia 8 like my fellow classmates. Camtasia 9 worked well while I edited the video, but, as you can see in the video, it left a watermark on my review. This made it hard for the viewer to watch the video. Added to that, Camtasia is not backwards compatible, so I could not use the raw files on Camtasia 8 while rendering it.

Thanks to Prof. Dan, he waived my Gone Home review video due to the technical difficulties I had and allowed me to revise "The Road" Trailer instead. After all the troubles I faced with Camtasia, I would definitely recommend Adobe Premiere to edit videos and Microsoft PowerPoint to capture on-screen activity.

Experience The Game


A poem in a new format. The poem "Today I" by Julie Hebert conveyed in a video using shots from Usain Bolt's training and victory in the Olympics. The music also complements the poem and shots from the video.

Original E-Poem

Revised E-Poem


The E-Poem made me feel that Videos can help to present any form of content in an engaging way. Syncing two videos that were initially unrelated to convey a poem helped me polish my transition skill. Additionally, this Project made my Video editing skills better.

For more reflections please watch the Portfolio Video 2 in the end.

The Road Book Trailer

Trailer of the book "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy. The novel is both critically and publicly acclaimed. The Road describes the journey south taken by a young boy and his father after an unnamed catastrophe has struck the world. The conditions they face are unforgiving: rotted corpses, landscapes devastated by fire, abandoned towns and houses. These two travelers are among the few living creatures remaining on earth who have not been driven to murder, rape, and cannibalism.

Please watch the Trailer of the book to know more...

Original Trailer

Revised Trailer


The novel is an interesting piece of literature. Editing a trailer for a book was something I never heard of, and it pushed my thinking skills on how to make the book trailer different from that of a film. Finding music that has highs and lows so that shots with significance could be added was difficult. However, putting everything like text, shots of the novel and shots from the trailer was a great experience.

For more reflections please watch the Portfolio Video 2 in the end.

Experience The Road

Watchmen Spark Page

An Adobe Spark page that tries to answer whether a character is a Hero or Villain only after the character’s death. The page answers the question using Rorschach’s character from the graphic novel Watchmen.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading the graphic novel. I watched super-hero films before but never read a comic version before. The content was definitely as engaging as any other super-hero film. Working with Spark after revising my playlist was a breeze due to Spark’s user-friendly features and layout. However, finding comic strips that relate to the character of Rorschach was painstaking. Finally, the project made think about a question that is significant not only to comics or films but to life in general: Can a character be called a hero or villain only after his / her death?

Experience Watchmen

Portfolio Video 2

A video that shows how I revised the Twine Project, E-Poem Video and The Road Book Trailer. The video also contains things I learnt while making the Projects and my reflections.

A Few Tips

Here are a few tips and things I would recommend if you are producing similar content...

  1. Use Adobe Premiere over Camtasia and Final Cut.
  2. Try exporting the videos in 1080p at 25 FPS for the best output and export the entire sequence and metadata to keep working on the file later.
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint has a Screen Capture feature that covers more screen and picks up the audio like Camtasia. PowerPoint clippings can be modified easily as well.
  4. Use Adobe After Effects to design cool introductions for the videos.
  5. Mix audio using Adobe audition. It is fairly easy to use.
  6. Update the twine style sheet to make the story look better in seconds.

I would highly recommend incoming freshmen to take this class with Prof. Dan.


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